Igor Ashurbeyli Announces New Asgardian Calendar

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Monthly Archives January 2017

Igor Ashurbeyli Announces New Asgardian Calendar

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Number One, make it so…

Poll time!

In the comments below, list your top reason for why you would tune in to Voices of Asgardia! Options include (but are not limited to):
— News and Information about Asgardia
— Good independent Music
— Entertainment
— Passive Listening
— Space related themes
— Talk/Speculation about the concept

Please feel free to include which direction you’d like to see us go!

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In Memoriam 2016


A moment of Silence to the great stars we lost in 2016:

December 28, 2015: Lemmy Kilmister (Singer, Bass player: Motörhead), publicized on January 2, 2016
January 10, 2016: David Bowie (Singer, Pop Icon: The Man Who Fell On Earth)
January 14, Alan Rickman (Actor, Pop Icon: Professor Snape -Harry Potter-)
February 3, Maurice White (Guitarist, singer: Earth, Wind & Fire)
March 6, Nancy Reagan (Former American First Lady, Actress)
March 8, Richard Devalos (actor)
March 8, George Martin (The Fifth Beatle)
March 24, Johan Cruijf (Dutch Soccer Star)
April 24, Prince (Singer, Pop Icon: The Purple Highness)
June 3, Muhammed Ali (Boxer, Actor)
June 19, Anton Yelchin (Actor: young Pavel Chekov -Star Trek-)
June 27, Bud Spencer (Actor, Comedian)
August 22, Toots Thielemans (Belgian Jazz Star)

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New Music Added to our server (New Years Update 2017)

Singles & Remnants by Fragile Tom:

Jules Lives by Ari de Niro:

Sounds strange, weird, but unmistakably romantic by springtide:

This Is The End by springtide:

Just Before April by springtide:

This is the End – outtakes by springtide:

The Spellbreaker EP by Tri-Tachyon:

Heroes Single by Rantala:

This music is used under the CC license

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