Dylan’s Aalst Carnival Experience 2017

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Dylan’s Aalst Carnival Experience 2017

Hello All! Dylan Here (and excuse me for the bad quality header picture)!

Day 1:

As I am about to leave to the 2nd day of Aalst Carnival in a few hours, I thought i’d show you really quick how we experience this. I saw some great traditions, like the Sunday parade, the satirical vibe, the brotherhood with strangers and the Pompiers spread all over the city. But I also found a new phenomenon appearing in this years edition: Street raves, with live DJ’s, but without Pompier.  Here I find myself using a term twice that i might need to explain: What the heck is a pompier? Well, typical for Aalst Carnival is the oldtimer firetruck with a soundsystem mounted on. They blow thousands of watts of sounds through the city. They are also modified with paint jobs, stickers and lights...

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São Paulo, Brazil – Carnaval 2017 360 degrees


* All the transmission is in Brazilian Portuguese

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Carnaval Salvador 2017 – Brazil

* all the stream are in Brazilian Portuguese

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Live Stream Aalst Carnaval Sunday Parade

*  eventual descriptions are in Dutch or the Aalst Dialect.

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top 20 Billboard charts 1/4 of 2017

Here is the first top 20 from 2017. Enjoy!

  1. Yung Mavu Black Magic (Black Harry Potter)(Rap) 
  2. Mi Nave Regalo(Mexican New Wave)
  3. A-Tse & KIVΛ – Black Hole(Power Glitch Rock)
  4. Shane Watt – In Places(Folk Rock)
  5. Ari de Niro – Freedom Drops(glitch hop)
  6. Koda – Ik Wil Een Cocktail(Salsa)
  7. Ejay Ivan Lac – Peponi (Dance)
  8. Ari de Niro – Dubs Up (Electro Dub)
  9. Betterhalf – Said And Done (Punk)
  10. Shane Watt – Saw This In A Book (folk rock)
  11. Ejay Ivan Lac – Project Alpha (Glitch)
  12. K4mmerer – Bullitt (Trip Hop)
  13. Starover Blue – Deus Ex Machina (New Wave)
  14. Neurotic Wreck – Disconnect (rock)
  15. Atapy – Vibra (Deep House)
  16. Ejay Ivan Lac – Vibrate The Veins (EDM)
  17. Absolute Primate – Fully Loaded Mag (Jump Up)
  18. Eightii & Neon Proxi – Serenity (EDM)
  19. Voicians – Seconds (EDM)
  20. None Like Joshua – Can’t Stop...
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**OFFICIAL EVENT** Voices of Asgardia Billboard Charts **LIVE**LIVE**LIVE**

Mark your calendars, Saturday, February 18th at 1800 UTC we are holding our FIRST EVER live event featuring DJ Steel Angel and DJ Shaddory. They’ll be hosting a little commentary, some jokes, and of course – the best music VOA has to offer. The quarterly reports are in, and we have our first billboard of songs, ranked by popularity.

Stay tuned, more details to come.

***UPDATE 12/17/2016**

Well, it’s almost game time. DJ Shaddory and I have been working as hard as our real lives will allow us to put this show together for tomorrow...

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