Catalonia In Rage, Where Is The European Union?

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Catalonia In Rage, Where Is The European Union?

After the spanish region of Catalonia, located in the south-east of the country, held an independance referendum last sunday, boycotted by the spanish gouvernement, most of the world leaders stay quiet. More noticably, almost no european country, except for Belgium, has condemned the violence.  The Belgian Prime Minister, Charles Michel, asked the same day on twitter: “where is the european union to condemn this madness?” His administration’s Interior Minister, Jan Jambon, asked the same question the day after on live news on the Belgian gouvernement tv channel, VRT...

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VOA’s top 50 of the 90’s is coming!

Voices Of Asgardia will play a worldwide top 50 of the 90’s on September 23, 2017. Vote for your favorite hits via this link. If your best songs aren’t in the list, feel free to ad them via the “other answer” option, and they will be added after review. Voting will close on september 18,2017.

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Voting Boundries Proposal

Changes made on the 22 of June, 2017 to Asgardian Leadership Elections are
now in effect. In an article posted on Asgardia News Network, it was
reported that after listening to community feedback, the following changes
were made to voting boundaries:

According to the new rules, Debutant leader positions, which require 10
votes, are now expanded to a 300km radius. This is in hopes of allowing
debutants of reaching the 10 vote minimum, in even the most remote areas of
the globe.

Strategists, who require 100 votes, now have no border restrictions giving
all asgardians the ability to vote for Strategists globally.

The article ends by saying: With 241,719 asgardians and counting, the
nation-state has almost reached the quarter million mark, and as we keep
growing, and you keep spreading the wor...

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3 Hours to clean this unbelievable mess, Before and After.

The Grand Place in Aalst, before (8:00 am) and after the cleaning (11:00 am).

In Aalst they know how to party. You probably noticed this when I wrote a blog about it, but the city has surprised the world again with their cleanup team that they call “De koisploeg”. This amazing team seemed to succeed to clean this dirty square and its six neighboring streets up in less than 3 hours.

This is an English translation of what the local news wrote:

A city which, after three hellish days and nights carnival celebration that is already so clean in 3 hours you ask? That’s Aalst it may seem. Last night were still 18,000 party goers at the Grand Place to the traditional – and emotional – burning of the effigy, followed by the longest and most intense party night of the three day event...

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Dylan’s Aalst Carnival Experience 2017

Hello All! Dylan Here (and excuse me for the bad quality header picture)!

Day 1:

As I am about to leave to the 2nd day of Aalst Carnival in a few hours, I thought i’d show you really quick how we experience this. I saw some great traditions, like the Sunday parade, the satirical vibe, the brotherhood with strangers and the Pompiers spread all over the city. But I also found a new phenomenon appearing in this years edition: Street raves, with live DJ’s, but without Pompier.  Here I find myself using a term twice that i might need to explain: What the heck is a pompier? Well, typical for Aalst Carnival is the oldtimer firetruck with a soundsystem mounted on. They blow thousands of watts of sounds through the city. They are also modified with paint jobs, stickers and lights...

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Live Stream Aalst Carnaval Sunday Parade

*  eventual descriptions are in Dutch or the Aalst Dialect.

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top 20 Billboard charts 1/4 of 2017

Here is the first top 20 from 2017. Enjoy!

  1. Yung Mavu Black Magic (Black Harry Potter)(Rap) 
  2. Mi Nave Regalo(Mexican New Wave)
  3. A-Tse & KIVΛ – Black Hole(Power Glitch Rock)
  4. Shane Watt – In Places(Folk Rock)
  5. Ari de Niro – Freedom Drops(glitch hop)
  6. Koda – Ik Wil Een Cocktail(Salsa)
  7. Ejay Ivan Lac – Peponi (Dance)
  8. Ari de Niro – Dubs Up (Electro Dub)
  9. Betterhalf – Said And Done (Punk)
  10. Shane Watt – Saw This In A Book (folk rock)
  11. Ejay Ivan Lac – Project Alpha (Glitch)
  12. K4mmerer – Bullitt (Trip Hop)
  13. Starover Blue – Deus Ex Machina (New Wave)
  14. Neurotic Wreck – Disconnect (rock)
  15. Atapy – Vibra (Deep House)
  16. Ejay Ivan Lac – Vibrate The Veins (EDM)
  17. Absolute Primate – Fully Loaded Mag (Jump Up)
  18. Eightii & Neon Proxi – Serenity (EDM)
  19. Voicians – Seconds (EDM)
  20. None Like Joshua – Can’t Stop...
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In Memoriam 2016


A moment of Silence to the great stars we lost in 2016:

December 28, 2015: Lemmy Kilmister (Singer, Bass player: Motörhead), publicized on January 2, 2016
January 10, 2016: David Bowie (Singer, Pop Icon: The Man Who Fell On Earth)
January 14, Alan Rickman (Actor, Pop Icon: Professor Snape -Harry Potter-)
February 3, Maurice White (Guitarist, singer: Earth, Wind & Fire)
March 6, Nancy Reagan (Former American First Lady, Actress)
March 8, Richard Devalos (actor)
March 8, George Martin (The Fifth Beatle)
March 24, Johan Cruijf (Dutch Soccer Star)
April 24, Prince (Singer, Pop Icon: The Purple Highness)
June 3, Muhammed Ali (Boxer, Actor)
June 19, Anton Yelchin (Actor: young Pavel Chekov -Star Trek-)
June 27, Bud Spencer (Actor, Comedian)
August 22, Toots Thielemans (Belgian Jazz Star)

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New Music Added to our server (New Years Update 2017)

Singles & Remnants by Fragile Tom:

Jules Lives by Ari de Niro:

Sounds strange, weird, but unmistakably romantic by springtide:

This Is The End by springtide:

Just Before April by springtide:

This is the End – outtakes by springtide:

The Spellbreaker EP by Tri-Tachyon:

Heroes Single by Rantala:

This music is used under the CC license

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Asgardia Official forums opened

Today the official forums on the Asgardia website have opened. Please go visit them for anything official Asgardian!

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