News Update – Week of 9/18/2017

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News Update – Week of 9/18/2017

Asgardia announces next steps. The administrative offices of Head of the Space Kingdom Asgardia officially closed voting polls a few weeks ago, and finally released the results of the vote this past week. Issuing decrees 12 and 13, Dr. Ashurbeyli ordered the Central Electoral Commission to begin preparations for parliamentary elections, and openly congratulated the quote first golden hundred thousand Asgardians. Decree 13 hinted that the next steps in the process would be issuing official identification and passport preparations.

US Defense Giant to buy out Orbital ATK. Northrop Grumman will acquire Orbital ATK in a $9.2 billion deal, the companies announced September 18th. Under the terms of the deal, Northrop Grumman will pay $7.8 billion in cash and assume $1...

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VOA’s top 50 of the 90’s is coming!

Voices Of Asgardia will play a worldwide top 50 of the 90’s on September 23, 2017. Vote for your favorite hits via this link. If your best songs aren’t in the list, feel free to ad them via the “other answer” option, and they will be added after review. Voting will close on september 18,2017.

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Asgardia announces a new creative contest

We have another contest for our creative Asgardians out there!

For our new contest, we ask that you submit a 1-5 minute film about Asgardia. Your film can either be a documentary or a fiction film.

Documentary Films should include an element of philosophy, symbolism, the future of humanity, etc. Some suggestions for documentaries include interviews with people who have original ideas on Asgardia, chronicles of how and why you became an Asgardian, ideas on what Asgardia means for the future of humanity and anything else about Asgardia you feel would be interesting.

Fiction Films can be of any genre – drama, comedy, melodrama, etc...

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Big Changes Coming In April

Hello Asgardia!

I just wanted to give you a quick update on big changes coming in April.

To start, Dylan Lanckman is going to be uploading a new music set at the beginning of the month, providing you with fresh entertainment to satisfy your musical thirst.

Secondly, we’re beginning production of a number of news articles and audio series that will begin airing on April 1st. Be sure to tune in to stay up to date with news about Asgardia and space.

We’re looking for content as well – if you have a studio microphone, a clear voice and good speech habits, we’d like to invite you to help us with articles and other audio details. Send us a message to our email:

And as always, we thank you for your patronage and support...

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3 Hours to clean this unbelievable mess, Before and After.

The Grand Place in Aalst, before (8:00 am) and after the cleaning (11:00 am).

In Aalst they know how to party. You probably noticed this when I wrote a blog about it, but the city has surprised the world again with their cleanup team that they call “De koisploeg”. This amazing team seemed to succeed to clean this dirty square and its six neighboring streets up in less than 3 hours.

This is an English translation of what the local news wrote:

A city which, after three hellish days and nights carnival celebration that is already so clean in 3 hours you ask? That’s Aalst it may seem. Last night were still 18,000 party goers at the Grand Place to the traditional – and emotional – burning of the effigy, followed by the longest and most intense party night of the three day event...

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Dylan’s Aalst Carnival Experience 2017

Hello All! Dylan Here (and excuse me for the bad quality header picture)!

Day 1:

As I am about to leave to the 2nd day of Aalst Carnival in a few hours, I thought i’d show you really quick how we experience this. I saw some great traditions, like the Sunday parade, the satirical vibe, the brotherhood with strangers and the Pompiers spread all over the city. But I also found a new phenomenon appearing in this years edition: Street raves, with live DJ’s, but without Pompier.  Here I find myself using a term twice that i might need to explain: What the heck is a pompier? Well, typical for Aalst Carnival is the oldtimer firetruck with a soundsystem mounted on. They blow thousands of watts of sounds through the city. They are also modified with paint jobs, stickers and lights...

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Live Stream Aalst Carnaval Sunday Parade

*  eventual descriptions are in Dutch or the Aalst Dialect.

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**OFFICIAL EVENT** Voices of Asgardia Billboard Charts **LIVE**LIVE**LIVE**

Mark your calendars, Saturday, February 18th at 1800 UTC we are holding our FIRST EVER live event featuring DJ Steel Angel and DJ Shaddory. They’ll be hosting a little commentary, some jokes, and of course – the best music VOA has to offer. The quarterly reports are in, and we have our first billboard of songs, ranked by popularity.

Stay tuned, more details to come.

***UPDATE 12/17/2016**

Well, it’s almost game time. DJ Shaddory and I have been working as hard as our real lives will allow us to put this show together for tomorrow...

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Asgardia Official forums opened

Today the official forums on the Asgardia website have opened. Please go visit them for anything official Asgardian!

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Official Mascot Design Contest

Hail Asgardia, and all visual artists!

We are sad to report that we have lost our Mascot, Thor! She must be found at once! Can you draw her for us? Here’s the physical description of her:

Species: Wolf
Color: Purple and White
Last Seen: Howling at the moon… or the universe, or something.

Please help us locate her! If you can, upload a picture of her to our facebook here:

Contest will be open until January 2nd, 2017.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Anyone may apply. Submit your photo via the official facebook thread marked in the frame or here. Photo must be converted to digital format. All submissions through this endeavor automatically become intellectual property of Voices of Asgardia.

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