Big Changes Coming In April

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Big Changes Coming In April

Hello Asgardia!

I just wanted to give you a quick update on big changes coming in April.

To start, Dylan Lanckman is going to be uploading a new music set at the beginning of the month, providing you with fresh entertainment to satisfy your musical thirst.

Secondly, we’re beginning production of a number of news articles and audio series that will begin airing on April 1st. Be sure to tune in to stay up to date with news about Asgardia and space.

We’re looking for content as well – if you have a studio microphone, a clear voice and good speech habits, we’d like to invite you to help us with articles and other audio details. Send us a message to our email:

And as always, we thank you for your patronage and support...

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Positions Open at Voices of Asgardia

Hail Asgardia!

Here is the current updated list for positions that are open. If you’d like to enquire, please send your CV to:

Open Positions at Voices of Asgardia

Senior Programming Manager

Program type: Very Selective

Hours: 2-4 hours a day

Term: Six months

Salary: Voluntary

We are currently seeking a Senior Programming Manager. This position requires someone to take charge of the station schedule, arrange programs and coordinate with DJs. You would also be responsible for ensuring that all programming is decent and accurately represents Asgardia.


– Familiarity with FTP and cloud services

– Familiar with Appointment apps like Google Calendar and Outlook

– Speaks clearly, Reads and Writes English

– A strong desire to stay united with our team, and...

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Voluntary Sports Reporter Wanted

Do You Have a weakness for sports? You Like to have a moment on air? Applications are now open to become our new sports reporter!

What You have to report:

  1. Soccer / Football, the most popular sport in the world.
  2. Cricket, The second most popular sport in the world.
  3. Basketball, The Third most popular sport in the world.
  4. The Olympics, Seasonal when the event is going on.
  5. Sports world records in all forms, This is quite obvious.

But also Tech Sports:

  1. Formula 1, the most popular tech sport.
  2. Moto GP, The second most popular tech sport.
  3. Drone Racing, we believe drone racing is the tech sport of the future and we aim to bring it to the Asgardian masses.
  4. Robot Sports, Just the general highlights of robot sports, since this is a growing phenomenon.
  5. E-Sports, Just the general highlights of E-sports...
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Be a DJ at #voicesofasgardia!

If you are considering being a DJ, now would be a good time to start working on your demos.


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