top 20 Billboard charts 1/4 of 2017

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top 20 Billboard charts 1/4 of 2017

Here is the first top 20 from 2017. Enjoy!

  1. Yung Mavu Black Magic (Black Harry Potter)(Rap) 
  2. Mi Nave Regalo(Mexican New Wave)
  3. A-Tse & KIVΛ – Black Hole(Power Glitch Rock)
  4. Shane Watt – In Places(Folk Rock)
  5. Ari de Niro – Freedom Drops(glitch hop)
  6. Koda – Ik Wil Een Cocktail(Salsa)
  7. Ejay Ivan Lac – Peponi (Dance)
  8. Ari de Niro – Dubs Up (Electro Dub)
  9. Betterhalf – Said And Done (Punk)
  10. Shane Watt – Saw This In A Book (folk rock)
  11. Ejay Ivan Lac – Project Alpha (Glitch)
  12. K4mmerer – Bullitt (Trip Hop)
  13. Starover Blue – Deus Ex Machina (New Wave)
  14. Neurotic Wreck – Disconnect (rock)
  15. Atapy – Vibra (Deep House)
  16. Ejay Ivan Lac – Vibrate The Veins (EDM)
  17. Absolute Primate – Fully Loaded Mag (Jump Up)
  18. Eightii & Neon Proxi – Serenity (EDM)
  19. Voicians – Seconds (EDM)
  20. None Like Joshua – Can’t Stop...
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BAD by The Discoghosts: Definitely NOT Disco :)

Wow. This punch in the face from the past had me giggling like a school girl. This band combines all my least favorite elements of modern electronica and top 40 rap/pop (name dropping in the middle of a song….. Isn’t that why metadata was invented?!) and all my favorite elements of the awkward period of time in the early 90s when we hadn’t yet settled on the differences between hip hop, electronic pop, and all the other weird things that were happening on our radios.  This album is (for the most part) bouncy and fun, with some clever wordplay scattered across it’s tracks, and some truly unabrasive synth sounds.  That may not sound like high praise, but as an epileptic who just can’t “do” dub, house, or really most genres of electronica, that’s HUGE...

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Rainbo Donuts: A bundle of awesome

We all know a band who puts a new moustache on the same song for an entire album, or even their entire career (looking at you, Breaking Benjamin).  “Rainbow Donuts” by We Is Shore Dedicated, is absolutely not one of these kinds of albums. I’m not entirely sure if this work is just a great example of the struggles of experimentalism in music, the result of an avante garde approach towards song writing, or the product of several writers contributing to the album without consulting each other first, but I love it. How exactly all these songs fit together into an aesthetic that spans the album, I couldn’t tell you- but it does. While this album sounds like something my conservative grandmother would dismiss as “trash,” there’s stylistic gold buried in each song...

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Readers, Tune in!

Starting tomorrow, Our very own Sheyenne Voss will start writing reviews of music on our site in the form of a music blog. Enjoy! 👩

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