Voices of Asgardia to get a Makeover

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Voices of Asgardia to get a Makeover

Voices of Asgardia, Asgardia’s premiere radio station is getting a makeover.

For the first time in months, www.voicesofasgardia.com is being revived thanks in part to efforts by VOA’s Staff who have been working quietly behind the scenes while station founder Ryan Zohar was on furlough following a cross-country household move to Arkansas, United States.

Things to expect with the makeover:
>> New website design and layout. Graphics Coordinator Eric Viana, who is also the acting webmaster, is currently working with an Asgardian volunteer on migrating the site and radio station to a private server in Germany. Eric will be implementing a new site design in the near future, geared towards suggestions from  fans and contributors.
>>News updates...

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Voting Boundries Proposal

Changes made on the 22 of June, 2017 to Asgardian Leadership Elections are
now in effect. In an article posted on Asgardia News Network, it was
reported that after listening to community feedback, the following changes
were made to voting boundaries:

According to the new rules, Debutant leader positions, which require 10
votes, are now expanded to a 300km radius. This is in hopes of allowing
debutants of reaching the 10 vote minimum, in even the most remote areas of
the globe.

Strategists, who require 100 votes, now have no border restrictions giving
all asgardians the ability to vote for Strategists globally.

The article ends by saying: With 241,719 asgardians and counting, the
nation-state has almost reached the quarter million mark, and as we keep
growing, and you keep spreading the wor...

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Montreal Meetup May 8th

Taken from the Asgardia News Network

Asgardia NGO to Hold Community Gathering in Montreal

Asgardia announced plans earlier this month for a community gathering that is to be held in Montreal, Canada. This event will be the first for Asgardia NGO, who previously had only released statements through their website or through interviews in Russian. The Montreal event, which is expected to be the first public appearance for Asgardia NGO outside of Europe is the first event organized and implemented by the volunteer entity Civic Asgardia. The Montreal event will be held at the Institute of Air and Space Law, which is overseen by Dr. Ram Jakhu.


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VOA Announcement 4/4/2017

To our supporters, constituents, devotees and fans, a warm salutation from the staff at Voices of Asgardia. It’s been a very busy week here as we are adjusting to the work flow changes inspired by news article incorporation, but our newest team members assure you they’re up to the task and we are very pleased with the outcome.

The reason for this letter covers something very important that we felt we needed to clarify. A few weeks ago, we were astonished to find a member of our community blasting our chat window in regards to a dispute with the management entity known as Civic Asgardia. They were quite clear in announcing their feelings on the matter, and asked to be removed from our community as well...

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Asgardia announces a new creative contest

We have another contest for our creative Asgardians out there!

For our new contest, we ask that you submit a 1-5 minute film about Asgardia. Your film can either be a documentary or a fiction film.

Documentary Films should include an element of philosophy, symbolism, the future of humanity, etc. Some suggestions for documentaries include interviews with people who have original ideas on Asgardia, chronicles of how and why you became an Asgardian, ideas on what Asgardia means for the future of humanity and anything else about Asgardia you feel would be interesting.

Fiction Films can be of any genre – drama, comedy, melodrama, etc...

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Big Changes Coming In April

Hello Asgardia!

I just wanted to give you a quick update on big changes coming in April.

To start, Dylan Lanckman is going to be uploading a new music set at the beginning of the month, providing you with fresh entertainment to satisfy your musical thirst.

Secondly, we’re beginning production of a number of news articles and audio series that will begin airing on April 1st. Be sure to tune in to stay up to date with news about Asgardia and space.

We’re looking for content as well – if you have a studio microphone, a clear voice and good speech habits, we’d like to invite you to help us with articles and other audio details. Send us a message to our email: admin@voicesofasgardia.com.

And as always, we thank you for your patronage and support...

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3 Hours to clean this unbelievable mess, Before and After.

The Grand Place in Aalst, before (8:00 am) and after the cleaning (11:00 am).

In Aalst they know how to party. You probably noticed this when I wrote a blog about it, but the city has surprised the world again with their cleanup team that they call “De koisploeg”. This amazing team seemed to succeed to clean this dirty square and its six neighboring streets up in less than 3 hours.

This is an English translation of what the local news HLN.be wrote:

A city which, after three hellish days and nights carnival celebration that is already so clean in 3 hours you ask? That’s Aalst it may seem. Last night were still 18,000 party goers at the Grand Place to the traditional – and emotional – burning of the effigy, followed by the longest and most intense party night of the three day event...

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Dylan’s Aalst Carnival Experience 2017

Hello All! Dylan Here (and excuse me for the bad quality header picture)!

Day 1:

As I am about to leave to the 2nd day of Aalst Carnival in a few hours, I thought i’d show you really quick how we experience this. I saw some great traditions, like the Sunday parade, the satirical vibe, the brotherhood with strangers and the Pompiers spread all over the city. But I also found a new phenomenon appearing in this years edition: Street raves, with live DJ’s, but without Pompier.  Here I find myself using a term twice that i might need to explain: What the heck is a pompier? Well, typical for Aalst Carnival is the oldtimer firetruck with a soundsystem mounted on. They blow thousands of watts of sounds through the city. They are also modified with paint jobs, stickers and lights...

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Live Stream Aalst Carnaval Sunday Parade

*  eventual descriptions are in Dutch or the Aalst Dialect.

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**OFFICIAL EVENT** Voices of Asgardia Billboard Charts **LIVE**LIVE**LIVE**

Mark your calendars, Saturday, February 18th at 1800 UTC we are holding our FIRST EVER live event featuring DJ Steel Angel and DJ Shaddory. They’ll be hosting a little commentary, some jokes, and of course – the best music VOA has to offer. The quarterly reports are in, and we have our first billboard of songs, ranked by popularity.

Stay tuned, more details to come.

***UPDATE 12/17/2016**

Well, it’s almost game time. DJ Shaddory and I have been working as hard as our real lives will allow us to put this show together for tomorrow...

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