Positions Open at Voices of Asgardia

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Positions Open at Voices of Asgardia

Hail Asgardia!

Here is the current updated list for positions that are open. If you’d like to enquire, please send your CV to: admin@voicesofasgardia.com

Open Positions at Voices of Asgardia

Senior Programming Manager

Program type: Very Selective

Hours: 2-4 hours a day

Term: Six months

Salary: Voluntary

We are currently seeking a Senior Programming Manager. This position requires someone to take charge of the station schedule, arrange programs and coordinate with DJs. You would also be responsible for ensuring that all programming is decent and accurately represents Asgardia.


– Familiarity with FTP and cloud services

– Familiar with Appointment apps like Google Calendar and Outlook

– Speaks clearly, Reads and Writes English

– A strong desire to stay united with our team, and build on our achievements


-Experience with CentovaCast

-Experience with SAM, Virtual DJ, BUTT and other broadcasting programs

– Strong Communication Skills, Ability to think ahead

– Minor IT background




Talent Scout

Program type: Selective
Hours: minimum 3 a day
Term: None
Salary: Voluntary

We are currently seeking a talent scout. This position requires someone to assist the Content Manager in finding new music and needs an open mind to all genres but recognises quality work and recording. The Talent Scout knows how to talk to artists and how to use minimum legal terms. This position will have access to the entire network of official pages to seek out new talent and petition for support.

– Minimal understanding of entertainment requirements and copyright laws

– moderate understanding of studio recording, mixing and mastering
– Ability to speak, read and write English

– ability to analyze a contract and adjust it as necessary

– ability to speak at least 2 languages


– Experience with CentovaCast

– has education relating to music

– Has a strong background in various genres of music

– is currently unemployed or has a lot of free time

– loves listening to music on their free time




Marketing and Sales Manager

Program Type: very selective

Hours: 2-4 hours a day, passive monitoring

Term: Six Months

Salary: voluntary with option for possible paid salary at an undisclosed time

We are looking for a bright, young innovator to take over our sales! You need the ability to raise up a support team, and push a strong marketing plan that will aid in station growth! Think you got what it takes?


-Must have at least 5 years experience in some form of marketing.

– Minor understanding of copyright law

– Experience in Crowd Funding

– Ability to achieve sales goals each month

– Multilingual preferred

– knows how to work with microsoft office

– Team management experience


– Bachelor’s degree or equivelant in Marketing and/or Sales
– Ability to think outside the box, and motivate their team.

– Strong Social Media background


Social Media Manager

Program Type: Open
Hours: 1-2 a day

Term: Six Months
Salary: Voluntary

We are seeking someone to manage our social media accounts. This position will require extensive knowledge of social media, interactions, and marketing campaigns. This position is expected to make posts, enhance interaction and increase social media spread.


-Must have extensive knowledge of various social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
– Must be able to engage an audience and generate traffic

– Must be available to post at least once a day

– Experience in Marketing





Program Type: Selective

Hours: 8 hours a week
Term: Six Months
Salary: Voluntary

Voices of Asgardia is currently seeking a webmaster to manage, develop and maintain our website.

– Experience in Web Design, html coding, PhP, WordPress/Drupal, Javascript, jquery and various other programming languages

– Must understand FTP and cloud based storage
– Must be willing to work with the team and meet deadlines


– A bachelor’s degree or equivelent experience in web design

– Multilingual




Accountant – Future Availability

Program Type: Very Selective

Hours: 1-2 hours a day

Term: Six Months

Salary: Voluntary

Currently seeking an accountant. Position will be required to track any and all expenditures, track sales trends, build and maintain a company budget, and operate the treasury. This position requires a high trust level, so a thorough interview will be conducted.

– Experience in accounting

– Familiarity with Microsoft Office, particularly Excel

– Ability to build and maintain a budget


– Background in marketing and sales

– Bachelor’s degree or equivelant in Financial Management

– Strong work ethic, unwaivering integrity




Program Creator (DJ)

Program Type: Selective
Hours: 4-6 Hours a week

Term: 1 year

Salary: Voluntary

Voices of Asgardia is currently seeking content contributors, in the form of pre-recorded podcasts or live DJ Sets. DJ must have the ability to recognize cultural factors involved with multilingual transmission, and be able to maintain a professional level of journalistic courtesy. Education is available by request.

– Some knowledge of podcasting and broadcasting

– Must have a professional quality microphone, or be able to purchase one

– Must have a working computer with a minimum of 2mbps speed


– Experience with SAM, BUTT, Virtual DJ, Mixxx, Traktor, or any other broadcasting/mixing program

– Ability to articulate clearly in spoken language

– Multilingual

– A strong understanding of entertainment value in programming

Again, if you’re interested in any of these positions, please email your CV to admin@voicesofasgardia.com.

VOA Staff

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