**OFFICIAL EVENT** Voices of Asgardia Billboard Charts **LIVE**LIVE**LIVE**

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**OFFICIAL EVENT** Voices of Asgardia Billboard Charts **LIVE**LIVE**LIVE**

Mark your calendars, Saturday, February 18th at 1800 UTC we are holding our FIRST EVER live event featuring DJ Steel Angel and DJ Shaddory. They’ll be hosting a little commentary, some jokes, and of course – the best music VOA has to offer. The quarterly reports are in, and we have our first billboard of songs, ranked by popularity.

Stay tuned, more details to come.

***UPDATE 12/17/2016**

Well, it’s almost game time. DJ Shaddory and I have been working as hard as our real lives will allow us to put this show together for tomorrow. We’re going to split it, the first portion of the show (1800-2000 UTC) will be the pre-billboard show, where I’m going to be addressing a number of questions the community has and engage talk from our patrons, as well as sharing news articles, recent scientific discoveries, and of course – awesome, independent music.

The second half of the show will be the countdown, and DJ Shaddory will walk you through our most listened to songs of this quarter.

I’m really excited about this show, and I hope you are too. Be sure to engage our facebook posts to keep up to date!

4 comments to **OFFICIAL EVENT** Voices of Asgardia Billboard Charts **LIVE**LIVE**LIVE**

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    • Ryan Zohar  says:

      Thanks 98Titus! While going viral would be pretty awesome, we’d like to be a little better organized and engaged before we attempt something of that scale. I will however do the research you recommended, thank you. – Ryan

  • SAMURR9094  says:

    Are you playing live right now or is this just a playlist? I am trying to find you guys live. I love the music.

    • Dylan Lanckman  says:

      We were live 10 hours ago. We are now back on auto rotation. More live events are to follow soon.

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