BAD by The Discoghosts: Definitely NOT Disco :)

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BAD by The Discoghosts: Definitely NOT Disco :)

Wow. This punch in the face from the past had me giggling like a school girl. This band combines all my least favorite elements of modern electronica and top 40 rap/pop (name dropping in the middle of a song….. Isn’t that why metadata was invented?!) and all my favorite elements of the awkward period of time in the early 90s when we hadn’t yet settled on the differences between hip hop, electronic pop, and all the other weird things that were happening on our radios.  This album is (for the most part) bouncy and fun, with some clever wordplay scattered across it’s tracks, and some truly unabrasive synth sounds.  That may not sound like high praise, but as an epileptic who just can’t “do” dub, house, or really most genres of electronica, that’s HUGE.  I’m really in love both with the mellow synth progressions and the “gameboy sounds” that decorate most of the tracks.  Coupled with the most conversational rapping style I’ve heard since Y2K, this band is a refreshing change of pace from the droning trance music and break-neck EDM that’s become so popular since the turn of the century.

The overall musical sound ranges from something just barely sexier, but similar to the “Stranger Things” theme, to the poppy 80’s synth sound that always leaves you humming “Don’t You Want Me?”  Personally, I spent most of the tracks sitting with the silly grin I always get when I hear Bloodhound Gang’s “Bad Touch”.  The lyrics are full of tongue in cheek humor and, like the weird 90’s hip hop I’m so nostalgic for, are definitely meant to be taken with a grain of salt.  If you were born without a sense of humor, or think that music exists just to convey some serious message or bigger meaning, then this album is probably too fun for you.   After a brief snoop on facebook, I’ve found most people agree that this album is a great soundtrack to about any party.  I’ve also found that this was released over 5 years ago with no trace of anything new coming from The Discoghosts.  Hopefully they change their mind.

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