3 Hours to clean this unbelievable mess, Before and After.

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3 Hours to clean this unbelievable mess, Before and After.

The Grand Place in Aalst, before (8:00 am) and after the cleaning (11:00 am).

In Aalst they know how to party. You probably noticed this when I wrote a blog about it, but the city has surprised the world again with their cleanup team that they call “De koisploeg”. This amazing team seemed to succeed to clean this dirty square and its six neighboring streets up in less than 3 hours.

This is an English translation of what the local news HLN.be wrote:

A city which, after three hellish days and nights carnival celebration that is already so clean in 3 hours you ask? That’s Aalst it may seem. Last night were still 18,000 party goers at the Grand Place to the traditional – and emotional – burning of the effigy, followed by the longest and most intense party night of the three day event. This morning at 11 o’clock the whole square was already made waste and beer free. A thick thumbs up for “De koisploeg” (cleaning team). Mayor Christoph D’Haese thought the same about it. He put the following message on Facebook: “This morning at the Grand Place: before (08.00) and after (11.00) … Barely three hours between.” In Dielect he added: “we keep our charming city clean!” in which he came back to general dutch to write: “Thanks a lot and tonnes of appreciation!” Koisploeg, Corrosje (Aalst Dialect: good luck) for the other streets and squares! “

We Couldn’t Agree more. Big thumbs up to “de Koisploeg” and good luck in the other squares and streets. There’s a lot to learn from you guys!

Left: Prince of Carnival 2017, Raf Sidorski
Right: Mayor Christoph D’Haese.


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