Catalonia In Rage, Where Is The European Union?

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Catalonia In Rage, Where Is The European Union?

After the spanish region of Catalonia, located in the south-east of the country, held an independance referendum last sunday, boycotted by the spanish gouvernement, most of the world leaders stay quiet. More noticably, almost no european country, except for Belgium, has condemned the violence.  The Belgian Prime Minister, Charles Michel, asked the same day on twitter: “where is the european union to condemn this madness?” His administration’s Interior Minister, Jan Jambon, asked the same question the day after on live news on the Belgian gouvernement tv channel, VRT. The Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon, a Flemish nationalist – standing for an autonomous Flanders, the dutch speaking region of Belgium – says that he watched with growing consternation as the violence during Sunday’s Catalan independence referendum escalated. Mr Jambon told VRT News that he found the EU’s silence on the issue strange as it is meant to be the defender of human rights in Europe.

Also the spanish gouverement itself has stayed quiet over the issue in recent days, after it sent a brutal message to the Catalan Nationalists by deploying a spectacular but agressive police force in the region. The Guardia Civil, as they are called, attacked random people who tried to vote at a by the Spanish gouvernement declared unlawful referendum, in an attempt to crack the event down last sunday. By tuesday, the police forces checked out of Catalonia while protesters celebrated victory. Euronews stated in an article, they were forced out of the Catalan region by chanting protesters.


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