In Memoriam 2016

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In Memoriam 2016


A moment of Silence to the great stars we lost in 2016:

December 28, 2015: Lemmy Kilmister (Singer, Bass player: Motörhead), publicized on January 2, 2016
January 10, 2016: David Bowie (Singer, Pop Icon: The Man Who Fell On Earth)
January 14, Alan Rickman (Actor, Pop Icon: Professor Snape -Harry Potter-)
February 3, Maurice White (Guitarist, singer: Earth, Wind & Fire)
March 6, Nancy Reagan (Former American First Lady, Actress)
March 8, Richard Devalos (actor)
March 8, George Martin (The Fifth Beatle)
March 24, Johan Cruijf (Dutch Soccer Star)
April 24, Prince (Singer, Pop Icon: The Purple Highness)
June 3, Muhammed Ali (Boxer, Actor)
June 19, Anton Yelchin (Actor: young Pavel Chekov -Star Trek-)
June 27, Bud Spencer (Actor, Comedian)
August 22, Toots Thielemans (Belgian Jazz Star)
August 29, Gene Wilder (Actor, Comedian, Pop Icon)
September 28, Shimon Peres (Former Leader Of Israel)
November 2, Oleg Popov (Famous European Clown, Businessman)
November 7, Leonard Cohen (Singer, Composer)
November 25, Fidel Castro (Former Leader Of Cuba)
December 8, John Glenn (Astronaut)
December 18, Zsa Zsa Gabor (Actress)
December 24, Rick Parfitt (Guitarist: Status Quo)
December 25, George Michael (Singer, Pop Icon)
December 27, Carrie Fisher (Actress, Pop Icon: Princess General Leia -Star Wars-)
December 27, Richard Adams (Author of Watership Down)
December 28, Piers Sellers (Space Shuttle Astronaut, Climatologist)
December 28, Debbie Reynolds (Actress, mother of Carrie Fisher)
December 31, Tyrus Wong (Spiritual father of Bambi)

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