VOA Announcement 4/4/2017

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VOA Announcement 4/4/2017

To our supporters, constituents, devotees and fans, a warm salutation from the staff at Voices of Asgardia. It’s been a very busy week here as we are adjusting to the work flow changes inspired by news article incorporation, but our newest team members assure you they’re up to the task and we are very pleased with the outcome.

The reason for this letter covers something very important that we felt we needed to clarify. A few weeks ago, we were astonished to find a member of our community blasting our chat window in regards to a dispute with the management entity known as Civic Asgardia. They were quite clear in announcing their feelings on the matter, and asked to be removed from our community as well. This made us quite sad, as we don’t wish to see a member leave, especially under the circumstances.

So, to avoid any confusion, we wanted to post this public statement.


Voices of Asgardia is a free and independent media initiative framed, constructed and managed by it’s own volunteer entity. Our volunteers paid for everything, did all of the work and continue to put forth effort to bring you programming that is entertaining, informative and inspiring.

While we work alongside Civic Asgardia, we have our own management staff to ensure the two entities remain separate. Please do not cross borders when it comes to disputes or complaints. If you have an issue with our service, please bring it to our attention by emailing admin@voicesofasgardia.com. If you have an issue with Civic Asgardia, Asgardia NGO, or any other organization affiliated with the space nation Asgardia, we ask that you approach that entity directly and avoid involving more parties than necessary.

Ryan Zohar and Dylan Lanckman both hold positions inside of Civic Asgardia and work under the direction of that organization’s statutes and protocols; however, Voices of Asgardia remains an independent initiative that manages itself. We set our own directives, we implement our own campaigns, we generate all of our own content, we promote our own artists, and we work on our own time to reach our own goals.

In the long term, we hope to achieve an official sponsorship from Asgardia NGO, and be able to continue to grow and expand with our listeners as our first priority. This may take a while, so in the mean time we will continue to work for free, not for ourselves, and not for another organization, but for you – the community of Asgardia, the body and soul of our nation.

It is an honor and priveledge to bring you Voices of Asgardia, and we assure you the effort we put in is worth it for your support. We ask that you continue to support each organization per your own accord.

Ryan Zohar

Dylan Lanckman

Eric Viana

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