Voices of Asgardia to get a Makeover

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Voices of Asgardia to get a Makeover

Voices of Asgardia, Asgardia’s premiere radio station is getting a makeover.

For the first time in months, www.voicesofasgardia.com is being revived thanks in part to efforts by VOA’s Staff who have been working quietly behind the scenes while station founder Ryan Zohar was on furlough following a cross-country household move to Arkansas, United States.

Things to expect with the makeover:
>> New website design and layout. Graphics Coordinator Eric Viana, who is also the acting webmaster, is currently working with an Asgardian volunteer on migrating the site and radio station to a private server in Germany. Eric will be implementing a new site design in the near future, geared towards suggestions from  fans and contributors.
>>News updates. Contributors Marco Nowak and Lukas Alexander Jones will be keeping the news up to date, starting with weekly updates.

>>New Programming. Founder Ryan Zohar is currently planning a weekly talkshow, adding to the lineup which already includes a weekly show from  Asgardian musician Ejay Ivan Lac. Lukas Jones is also planning an electronic music show, and more DJs are petitioning for positions.

>>Contributions from  NGO and Civic Asgardia. Community Lead Rebekah Berg will be contributing to VOA through updates made available on Asgardia.Space, and you can expect to hear from  NGO CEO Lena De Winne in the near future.

Stay tuned to www.voicesofasgardia.com  for more updates.

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