Voting Boundries Proposal

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Voting Boundries Proposal

Changes made on the 22 of June, 2017 to Asgardian Leadership Elections are
now in effect. In an article posted on Asgardia News Network, it was
reported that after listening to community feedback, the following changes
were made to voting boundaries:

According to the new rules, Debutant leader positions, which require 10
votes, are now expanded to a 300km radius. This is in hopes of allowing
debutants of reaching the 10 vote minimum, in even the most remote areas of
the globe.

Strategists, who require 100 votes, now have no border restrictions giving
all asgardians the ability to vote for Strategists globally.

The article ends by saying: With 241,719 asgardians and counting, the
nation-state has almost reached the quarter million mark, and as we keep
growing, and you keep spreading the word, we have to achieve our goal of
attracting more and more people to join us in our first-of-a-kind project.


For Voices of Asgardia Radio, I am Lukas Jones.

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